How to remove baby food stains

16 Jan · Aaron Moir ·

If you are a parent there is one battle that you will always be fighting and that is the battle against stains. It takes a lot of effort to deal with all the stains your baby can come up with, but the key element to fighting all of them is the knowledge of how to clean them. Anyone in good terms with the home cleaning manual will be able to take care of most of the stains, of course, but not all parents are professional cleaners. So what you get here is a compilation of the most frequent stains that the baby may create with their inner artiness and all the ways in which you can tackle them so that you can both rear a child and keep the house clean.


#1 – Puree Stains on Clothes

These stains include every imaginable colour as most of them are left by a different variety of food. It can be a carrot stain, a yoghurt stain, orange or peach stains, pear and apple stains, and – the best of the bunch – a tomato stain. Taking care of them can vary from easy to tricky, but nothing is beyond your control. React immediately is the rule of thumb, because the more you wait, the more the colour of the stain sets.

The first thing you have to do is check the care label on the puree bottle or jar or box. Most of them have information about cleaning routines. After that you have to scrape off any food left on the surface so that you are sure you are cleaning only the stain and not spreading the food some more. Unless there are specific instructions, you should take the piece of clothing and treat the stain with cold water to soften it up. After that, use lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent. Scrub over the stain till it starts fading away, rinse and repeat for good measure. If the stain is still there, consider that pre-treatment and put it in the washing machine with a gentle spin. That should take care of the problem.


#2 – Food Stains on the Upholstery

You will eventually tackle stains on the upholstery, even if your baby’s stool is in the kitchen and your sofa is two rooms away – it’s just the magical ability which babies have that sends stains through temporal and spatial dimensions to make your life harder. So when you do find the magical stain on the upholstery, you should again react immediately, otherwise you are risking a permanent decor feature.

Scraping the excess food off the stain is a prerequisite again. Now you need a small bowl where you should mix water and dishwashing liquid. Use a sponge and apply the mixture over the stain, then scrub till all the liquid from the stain is removed. You can also use vinegar and lemon juice, but not all types of upholstery are fans of their acidic properties, so you should do that only if you think the sofa can survive the upholstery cleaning unscathed.


#3 – Food Stains on the Floor

Naturally, your floors are not safe from the baby’s excellent pitching arm either. Luckily, you already know how to deal with this. The way to clean baby food stains from the carpet is pretty much the same as you handle the upholstery. Do a proper job with the carpet cleaning and you will be fine.

If you do not have a carpet and instead have bare floors, then you have to do some mopping. Steam cleaning is also an option for both bare floors and carpet cleaning, but you have to be mindful of the type of mess you are dealing with. There are stains that set when exposed to high temperatures, so make sure you are 100% certain that the steamer can take care of the problem and not make it permanent.


Recommended Cleaners

The routines are pretty universal, and sometimes so are the cleaners, so you could just compile a list of cleaners you can use in the house cleaning routine. It’s typically better to use organic, eco-friendly ones as using ones with chemicals might harm the baby’s health, and you do not want that. You would do best if you used home-made cleaners, such as the ones made with dish detergents, baking soda, vinegar, and so on. Otherwise, consult with your child’s doctor to ask about preferable cleaners that won’t lead to allergies.


With this knowledge, you can tackle most problems seen around the house and keep the environment clean and secure for yourself and the baby.

Aaron Moir

My work explores the relationship between parents and their children.