Creative ideas for new baby gifts

24 Jan · Aaron Moir ·

Baby showers are a fine place to show off your gift giving ability or show the mother how much you care. Naturally, it will all be incorporated in the new baby gift you are going to buy or design yourself. Before we go any further, here is a good piece of advice: never, ever, ever get the baby anything that makes noises. This is the best way to have your gift forgotten somewhere in the back of a garage where the baby can never lay hands on it and it might earn you some glares from the parents.


But moving on, here are some good and creative ideas for baby gifts:


Get the baby one of those cradle swings where they can enjoy swinging back and forth near the mum while she is resting on the sofa with a book. It will keep the baby occupied and relaxed, and you can even get one with hanging toys it could play with (again, nothing rattling or clanging!).


Play Mat

The play mat will be the baby’s favourite place, so get them a colourful one where they can enjoy both toys and vibrancy while still spending time on their back. It will be used well into the first year, so it’s not a gift that will go away too easily.



A nice pair of small adorable shoes will be a great gesture in saying ‘I hope your kid stays warm and on its feet for as long as it can’. It shows care as much as how great of a gift giver you are.


Think about these options as a baby shower gift and then go look for them, or design them yourself. You have a lot to work with. Just remember, exclude the clattering things!

Aaron Moir

My work explores the relationship between parents and their children.