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30 Jan · Aaron Moir ·

Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids about Recycling at Home

Environment surrounds us all, and our impact toward it is reflecting back on our lives.
If we want to maintain the remaining of our natural resources on this planet, we ought to think on the present and the future lines.
Recycling is impacting our present and future, if we want our children to have a better future, we ought to teach them about it now.


28 Jan · Aaron Moir ·

5 things every parent should know

When you become a parent, there will be many little things that will make your life much easier. It is like entering a whole new world of care and attention and – more often than not – freaking out about a situation that has arisen. The baby could provide all those for you, but you can keep your mental state in check if you are prepared at all times. There are some things that you should know and with that knowledge come easier parenthood and some quieter and calmer days to enjoy.


24 Jan · Aaron Moir ·

Creative ideas for new baby gifts

Baby showers are a fine place to show off your gift giving ability or show the mother how much you care. Naturally, it will all be incorporated in the new baby gift you are going to buy or design yourself. Before we go any further, here is a good piece of advice: never, ever, ever get the baby anything that makes noises. This is the best way to have your gift forgotten somewhere in the back of a garage where the baby can never lay hands on it and it might earn you some glares from the parents.


16 Jan · Aaron Moir ·

How to remove baby food stains

If you are a parent there is one battle that you will always be fighting and that is the battle against stains. It takes a lot of effort to deal with all the stains your baby can come up with, but the key element to fighting all of them is the knowledge of how to clean them. Anyone in good terms with the home cleaning manual will be able to take care of most of the stains, of course, but not all parents are professional cleaners. So what you get here is a compilation of the most frequent stains that the baby may create with their inner artiness and all the ways in which you can tackle them so that you can both rear a child and keep the house clean.